How to open a container which has exFAT file system in EDS?

You have to install an additional exFAT file system module:

  • Open the edsexfat "releases" github page.
  • Choose the file for your platform (probably it's libedsexfat-v1.1-armv7.so)
  • Save it to the main storage of your device
  • Open EDS settings, find the "install exFAT module" field and select the module file.
Then you can open the exFAT container as an ordinary container.

Can I control EDS from another program?

You can use Android intents to control EDS. Currently the following intents are supported:

Opening a container, network share, etc.
DataTarget container or location URI. You can copy the container URI from the container settings screen.
Parameter nameTypeMeaningDefault value
com.sovworks.eds.android.PASSWORDStringContainer password
com.sovworks.eds.android.KEYFILESString array listList of keyfile URIs, e.g. /storage/emulated/0/kf.txt
com.sovworks.eds.android.KEYFILE_OFFSETLongOffset from the start of the keyfile (for luks containers)
com.sovworks.eds.android.KEYFILE_SIZEIntegerSize of the keyfile data (for luks containers)
com.sovworks.eds.android.KDF_ITERATIONSIntegerCustom number of kdf iterations
com.sovworks.eds.android.SHOULD_MOUNT_LOCATIONBooleanSet to true to mount the containerTrue
Example am start -n "com.sovworks.eds.android/.locations.activities.OpenLocationsActivity" -d "eds-container:///?location=/sdcard/container.tc" --es "com.sovworks.eds.android.PASSWORD" "password" --ei "com.sovworks.eds.android.KDF_ITERATIONS" 100 --esal "com.sovworks.eds.android.KEYFILES" "/sdcard/keyfile1" "/sdcard/keyfile2"
Closing a container, network share, etc.
DataTarget container or location URI. You can copy the container URI from the container settings screen.
Parameter nameTypeMeaningDefault value
com.sovworks.eds.android.FORCE_CLOSEBooleanForce unmountFalse
Example am start -n "com.sovworks.eds.android/.locations.activities.CloseLocationsActivity" -d "eds-container:///?location=/sdcard/container.tc"

What is the maximum size of a container?

In non-mounted mode FAT containers are likely limited to around 500GB in size due to app memory limitations when formatted with 64KB block size. Smaller block sizes require correspondingly smaller containers. 64KB block size recommended with FAT to maximize the container size you can open

In mounted mode the program was tested with 4Tb containers.

When I click on a file from the EDS file manager I get "No Activity found to handle Intent..." error message

You may need to associate the filename extension of the file with the mime-type: open main EDS settings, press "Override mime type..." and enter the filename extension and its mime-type.

Container opening fails with "Context initialization failed" message.

This problem can happen if EDS doesn't have a permission to open the container file or if EDS package is modified.

If you open a container in read/write mode then make sure that the container file is writable by EDS. By default EDS opens a container in read/write mode. Write access to the external sd card is blocked for all non-system applications in Android 4.4.2 "KitKat" firmwares (it's not an EDS issue). If your device is rooted then you can fix your ext sd card permissions: http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/03/21/easily-restore-full-access-to-the-sd-card-on-android-4-4-kitkat-with-sdfix-root-required/ or http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2617921. Otherwise you can move the container file to /Android/data/com.sovworks.eds.android/ sub-folder of the external sd card or you can open your container in read-only mode or move the container file to the internal memory. You can enable read-only mode in the container settings. In Android 5 or newer you need to add your external memory card to EDS and then you'll be able to add the container to EDS in read/write mode. Check this video for details.

Another possible reason of this problem is EDS package modification. E.g., you'll get this error if you remove Google Play dependency from EDS package.