Cloud storages and container synchronization

Adding Dropbox

Creating synchronized container

A container can be synchronized among several computers using a cloud storage which is supported by EDS. Depending on the cloud storage API capabilities, you can work with a container without copying the whole container file to your device. Some cloud storages allow random access to a file only in read-only mode. You can enable read-only mode from the container settings screen.

If you need to access the container in offline mode then you should enable storing the copy of the container on your device: open the container settings screen and turn on "Keep complete local cache" checkbox. The local copy of the container will be automatically updated after the container has been closed and every hour. If you don't want to update the local copy when you're on a non WiFi network, then open the main settings screen and select "Synchronize only when wifi network is available". If you have a complete local copy of a container then you can unlink the container from the cloud storage. If the container is changed on your device and on the server at the same time then you will be asked to resolve the conflict. You can discard the local changes or you can discard the remote changes or you can disable the synchronization of the container. You can check the container synchronization status at the container settings screen.

Synchronizing existing container

Creating an encrypted Dropbox folder

You can create an encrypted folder inside your Dropbox using EncFs.